Arlene and Regis – St. Marys Dome – Latrobe, Pa

After dating for TWELVE YEARS, Arlene and Regis decided It’s About Time to get married. The entire event was themed around “TIME” including the centerpieces, favors, and even the entrance music including a montage of songs with the word “TIME” in them.  Arlene and Regis arrived to “Time Of My Life”and cut the cake to “Time in a Bottle”.

Over 350 of Regis and Arlene’s friends joined them for a spectacular celebration at St. Marys Dome in Latrobe, PA.  It was decorated beautifully!

What really makes me excited at wedding receptions is when you start talking to family and friends about they newlyweds and everyone really, truly, loves them.  The room just buzzes with energy.  Everyone was so ready to celebrate that with Arlene and Regis, that from the first song, to the last, the dance floor was completely packed!

One of my favorite parts of the night was their dollar dance.  If you are Slovak/Polish and do it the traditional way with the right music with the right friends and family, it can turn into something really special.  Take a look at the video below … how many people are sitting, and how many people are standing in line in the back of the room?


Thanks Regis and Arlene!!!!!