Brian and Deanna – Downtown American Legion – Clarion, PA

Amazing Wedding held in Clarion with Deanna and Brian.

Sometimes the most memorable part of a wedding is not planned or well thought out or even perfectly timed.  It just happens! Sure the night was romantic,  beautiful and everything Deanna and Brian had ever dreamed of, but surely the most memorable part was when Brian ran up to me during the open dancing and said…. “It’s time for Invisible Touch”.


Here is Brian and Deanna’s Wedding Wire Review:

Jamie did an awesome job at our wedding. We didn’t have to worry about a thing! He was extremely professional and very helpful. From the moment the bridal party walked in the door, he knew exactly what to do and took charge. I was able to relax and enjoy my reception because I knew Jamie could handle everything. The music was perfect. He played everything that we requested and everyone raved that we had awesome music at our reception! Thank you Jamie, you were fantastic!

Brian and Deanna

A great time was had by all of Brian and Deanna’s friends and family especially a friend that we will call “Jim”.  “Jim” was on the dancefloor with Brian and of their college buddies but didn’t dance to anything.  Not a THING!  As I picked up on this it became the running joke of the night.  Also, I kept calling him Tim, which was kinda funny too!   Finally I just stopped the music near the end of the night and asked “Jim” the next song was his and I would play anything he wanted.  The best he could come up with was Metalica – “Enter Sandman”. So I played it.  And Jim DANCED!!!!  (sort of)

Jim’s friend Jon summed up the wedding like this via Facebook:

The DJ mocked Jim for not dancing and played Metallica. The dudes got cut off (at the bar) all at once….  Oh and Brian & Deanna got married.

Thanks Brian and Deanna for a GREAT NIGHT!

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