Karissa and Rian – Butler Wedding -Vagabonds Hall

Jamie did an awesome job at the wedding. He was very easy to work with and easy to get in touch with (Both over the phone and via email). He definitely knows how to take control of all the events at the reception so the bride and groom do not have to worry about things moving along. He keeps people entertained all night, I had so many compliments about him. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone getting married and looking to have a fun reception. 

It’s no secret.  I perform at a lot of weddings where past clients are in attendence.  Karissa and Rian’s wedding I had a chance to see two of my favorites, Megan and Meredeth.  A great letter is still on my Houserockers Testimonials page from the girls.

Megan, Jamie, and Meredeth

The Vagabonds Hall  in Butler, PA was decorated beautifully with a crisp red accent.  Rian and Karissa’s cake was very similar to my wedding cake … Rian and Karissa’s cake tasted better then mine.

A view looking towards the front door from the DJ table.

Karissa and Rian’s Wedding Cake.

There is no doubt Rian and Karissa are amazing people.  Their reception was a reflection of how wonderful they are.  While Karissa has this warm glowing type of personality, Rian is a “Vince Vaughn” type of guy… a man’s man that can make you laugh or cut you in half with his wit.  It was a great experience getting to know them and celebrating their reception with them…. because as Karrissa puts it…  It was the best reception ever… even better than Megan and Meredeth’s!

Well … from my point of view…. I love all my children (receptions) the same… and they are all equally as good. : )