Dave and Danielle – Twelve Oaks Mansion – Mars, PA

What a great way to begin the 2008 season with Dave and Danielle. I had the pleasure of working with Peter and Bethany at Twelve Oaks Mansion in Seven Fields, Pennsylvania. Twelve Oaks is a brand new facility. They did a great job with a fun and unique European Style meal presentation.

Twelve Oaks Mansion 1

Twelve Oaks Mansion 2

Dave and Danielle are a fun couple. We planned the “Sing the Songs of Love” during dinner. Dave did an amazing “Air Guitar” on TOP of one of the tables in the middle of the reception.

Dave is also known for his dance to Sandstorm at all the weddings he attends. His dance is a family tradition. It was not only the first song on their must play list, but durring the cocktail and dinner hour at least 20 people mentioned or requested Sandstorm for Dave.