Davey and Hope – Gemmell Center – Clarion University

Davey and Hope hosted an awesome reception at the Gemmell Center on the campus of Clarion University. This was one of those receptions where I felt as if  I had a “home field” advantage.  Not only was the facility less than 5 blocks from my home, but between the Davey, Hope, their family and friends,  I knew most of the room on a first name basis.   I even got to see my old friends The Shaffer’s.  I performed at their wedding 9 years ago.

Davey and Hope picked Bon Jovi’s  “All About Lovin’ You” as their first dance.  Completely personal and what a beautiful way to start the evening.

From the first dance…

to the last ….

What a great party!!!   And even the groomsman found another use for the stage.

Thanks Davey and Hope!!!