Denelle and Ryan – Anchor Village – Clarion, PA

Hey Jamie,
We wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did to help make our wedding reception wonderful. Words do not come close to say how GREAT of a job you did. You went above and beyond what was expected of you….from cutting the cake to having Bobbie help with the YMCA, or just keeping the guest involved it was fantastic! Guest continue to talk about how great the DJ was! We are so blessed to have such a GREAT DJ help us start our new life as one.

Denelle & Ryan

When Denelle contacted me about her upcoming wedding she had an interesting request.  When I first started Houserockers DJ over 15 years ago, my first employee was my sister Bobbie.  She had an outgoing personality and was finishing her teaching degree.  While student teaching the 5th grade at Redbank Elementary, Bobbie put a group of kids together to perform our Village People YMCA skit for the annual talent show.  Guess which 5th grader was in that group….. yup….. Denelle!

Here is Denelle’s original inquiry:

I have special request. I know that she does not normally do this but I had a great student teacher in 5th grade named Miss Simpson, and I was wondering if she would be willing to come back and DJ for my wedding?

She was a huge influence in my life and taught me the YMCA with a group of students and we won the talent show.  It would mean the world to me to have her DJ my wedding!

I still get a little chocked up reading that, so, I made a phone call, and of course my sister came out of DJ retirement.  We had a lot of fun with a few other guests in attendance that mentioned that Bobbie had performed for an event for their family.  And of course, they brought the house down with the 5th grade re-enactment of the YMCA!

The wedding reception was lots of fun with Ryan and Denelle’s family really enjoying themselves.

And Yes…. The DJ did cut the wedding cake.  Bobbie and I pitched in and cut the 5 tier Uzi Pastries Cake after the caterer fell a little behind with the dinner.

Thanks Ryan and Denelle!

Jamie Simpson – Houserockers DJ