Jason and Cary – Johnsonburg Firel Hall

You have got to love a party where the Bride and Groom really dance.   Jason and Cary where the life of the party.  This type of picture is one of my favorite to take.


An hour left to go in the party and everyone is on the dance floor.  I tell my couples all the time that …“The Party is Where You Are!”    If my couples are outside, that is where the party is at.  If my couples are at the bar, that is where the party is at.  If you can’t tell, Jason and Cary are right in the center of the dance floor.  In the center of the Party!

 Jason left me a fantastic email after the wedding … 


We appreciate you putting on one hell of a show.  You made the reception very fun for us and our guest. Everyone still talks about how good our DJ was.  We had the best time of our lives because you made the reception 10 times better then any reception we been too in the past. (about 18) You are truly talented and I never sweat as much as I did that night at the reception. I was too afraid to stop and take a break because I didn’t want to miss any good songs. The props, ideas, and the talent of getting people to dance was amazing. There were many couples there that said that they married for 30 plus years and could not get their husbands to dance, not even at there own wedding, but you did.  The best part of our reception that stood out was the fact that once the open dancing begun nobody was sitting (all 300 + people), they were either dancing our standing around the stage watching.  I wish the reception could have lasted all night. Not only are you a excellent DJ, you are a great organizer that made the reception run smoothly….Great Relief for us!!!  I have been putting a high recommendation for you to anyone that asks about our wedding. Words can’t explain the amount of fun and excitement I still have today when thinking about the reception, your worth every penny. Again thank you for making our reception awesome. Hope to be at another reception with you as their DJ.

Thanks Jason and Cary!!!