Katie and Gary – Grand Concourse – Pittsburgh, PA

Once Again, my clients choose stunning places to have their events.  Katie and Gary selected The Grand Concourse.  It is part of the Station Square Complex on the south side of Pittsburgh.   The Grand Concourse is the lobby for the old Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad.  The place oozes history!

Here is a view from below looking back up the staircase.

I’m actually set up on the second floor where the open dancing took place.  All of the formal dances happened on the landing pictured below.

In the main bar area on the lower level, I provided a plasma display for a photo slide show of Katie and Gary.  It was included in their Houserockers DJ 6 hour premium package.

Katie and Gary choose the perfect venue as it showcased the formal side of the event downstairs and when it came time to dance, the party was ON upstairs!

Thanks Katie and Gary!

Event Team:

Brian – Grand Concourse

Annie – Photography – Annie O’Neill Weddings

Jamie – Houserockers DJ