Kevin and Kristy – Johnsonburg, PA – Houserockers DJ

Kristy and myself would just like to thank you one more time.  I can’t tell you how many times we heard throughout the night that our wedding was the most fun they have ever had at a reception, and wanting to know who the DJ was.  You really put the exclamation point on a great and special day for us.  
Best Wishes,
Kevin and Kristy
Kevin and Kristy produced an amazing wedding reception in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania.  From the introductions, to the guys doing the “Bad Romance” dance (yes guys), and even TJ singing his classic version of “You Belong To Me” by Taylor Swift, it was really a night to remember.  I even got to see my good friends Jill and Francis (10/09)  Check out the video:

Kevin and Kristy – The Red Fern – Houserockers DJ from Jamie Simpson on Vimeo.

Thanks Kevin and Kristy!