Signature Reception Package

Delivering exceptional service, thoughtful planning, and giving an unforgettable performance is the core philosophy of Houserockers DJ.  The Signature Reception Package features a 10 page comprehensive planning guide, in-person planning meeting, crystal clear sound system, basic dance floor lighting, and Jamie Simpson as your energetic event host.   The signature package is my commitment to making your wedding reception truly outstanding.

Contemporary Reception Package

Taking your reception to the next level through event lighting design, the contemporary package features beautiful whole room uplighting that matches your specific color scheme and then changes colors at key moments of the reception.  This accent lighting can also synchronize to the dance music for an amazing dynamic effect.  This package includes all of the features from the Signature Reception Package above.

Ultra-Modern Package

If you can dream it, we can make it happen.  This custom event package features a mixed media presentation of photos, video, and audio recordings incorporated into key moments of the reception displayed on dual plasma monitors.   This is not simply slideshow, but an event transformation through multi media.  The Ultra-Modern Package also includes whole room uplighting, monogram projection, and cake/sweetheart table spotlight. A creative meeting will be scheduled early to allow us to work together to make your Ultra-Modern Package unique, personalized, and unforgettable.

Additional Enhancements

Overtime Hour:    Additional time can be booked in advance or the spur of the moment the night of the event.

Ceremony Music:  Personalized music selections and wireless microphones located at the reception venue.

Confetti Entrance:  Beautifully color matched confetti to make your entrance even grander.

Monogram Projection:  Customized Display on the wall that will add a unique touch.

Wireless Speaker:  Additional speaker in a separate area for cocktail hour.