Philip and Nicole – DuBois Country Club – DuBois, PA

I love doing cool events for cool people.  Three moments really stand out from Philip and Nicole’s evening reception at the DuBois Country Club.

First, How about being serenaded by one your best friends, bridesmaid Jody, for your first dance, “Have A Little Faith.”

Next, How about a long distance toast by our best man, set up by Nicole, who was unable to make the wedding.

Bestman – Long Distance Toast from Jamie Simpson on Vimeo.

And Finally, a really awesome trivia game to allow any three tables in the room to get a chance to go to the buffet first.

I didn’t even mention a great Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance.  A wonderful toast by Philip to Nicole, and a dance floor that was hopping before dinner was even finished.

Did I mention a monogram at the entrance, amber uplighting, and a rockin’  dance floor (yeah maybe I did).


After I sent Philip’s dad a copy of my playlist for the night this is the note I recieved in return.

You are da Bomb!
I just have to say, listening to the last hour or so of music (I was using Shazam on my iPhone to capture the music titles) that the whole wedding reception was brought back so vividly.
OK…so I’m a sucker for music, but you really made the wedding reception memorable. Your selection and combination of titles was just excellent. You are worth every penny you charge!
Thanks for the list…this should keep me busy for a while.
Here is Philip and Nicole’s Wedding Wire Review:
Don’t hesitate to book Jamie Simpson right away for your wedding! Our wedding guests are still complementing my husband and I on Jamie’s talent. It’s amazing to look back on our reception pictures and see everyone on the dance floor laughing and having a good time!!
Thanks Philip and Nicole!!!