AJ and Nicole – Pittsburgh DJ in West Virginia

Sometimes you just click with people. AJ was the bestman at Lance and Megan’s wedding back in July of 2006 in New Castle, PA and for some reason we just “hit it off”. He is a wild and crazy guy (kinda like myself) and we had a ton of fun at their wedding. Flash forward to 2008 and I get a call from AJ telling me he is getting married and “if I remembered him”. The truth is I have a hard time remembering my couples from year to year, let alone bestmen, but I did and we chatted about the Lance and Megan’s wedding. Then AJ dropped the bomb that the wedding would be in West Virginia. Now I like to travel as much as the next guy, but AJ and Nicole’s wedding was on a Friday night and I had another wedding scheduled for Saturday in Warren, Pennsylvania… 6 hours in the opposite direction. After meeting with them I knew it was going to be a celebration I wanted to be part of.


Jamie, Lance, and Megan from 2006

Jamie and Nicole

Jamie and AJ

Jamie –

Thank you so much for djing our wedding.  You did a fabulous job.  I don’t know if West Virginia has ever been that “rockin”.  We appreciate your willingness to travel so far to make our reception so memorable.

Aj and Nicole