Travis and Kelly – Antler Club – Lucinda, PA


Good morning. Just got back from the Caribbean and wow, what a change! Kelly and I wanted to thank you for making “our day” the most memorable day of our lives. From the very beginning, you have been a joy to work with and have always answered any questions that we had. Your creativeness and passion for what you do clearly shows through in your work. I can’t tell you enough how many people came up to Kelly and I said the DJ really set the mood and it was the most fun they have had in years. Several people have said that you were the best DJ they have ever seen and trust me, these people go to a lot of weddings! Being the bride and groom, you are pulled in a thousand different ways on your wedding day but Kelly and I both did not have to worry about one thing….a great time at the reception! You kept everything moving along and right on track so that the evening was memorable not only to us, but for every person in that place. We cannot thank you enough for your dedication, time, effort, and professionalism. I have and will continue to recommend you everyone that I talk to. Simply put, you are the best in the industry. Thank you again for eveything you’ve done for Kelly and I. It was perfect!

All the best and stay in touch!

Travis & Kelly


Travis and Kelly celebrated with over 250 of their closest family and friends at the Antler Club in Lucinda, Pennsylvania.  They included accent lighting (purple) and a continuous photo montage.  I was also able to help Travis with a surprise for Kelly.  Watch this video:

Travis and Kelly – 9/18 – Houserockers DJ vlog from Jamie Simpson on Vimeo.

I can’t say it enough that this reception was really great.  Some beautiful heart felt moments, great energy, and family and friends that came to wear the dancefloor out!!!

Thanks Kelly and Travis